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We offer a full line of solutions to meet your needs.


Our products seamlessly integrate into your systems, whether you are using biometrics, single sign-on (SSO), smart cards, tokens or secure passwords.

We offer a full line of solutions to meet your needs. The very popular TF2000 Ultrasonic Proximity Sensor uses ultrasound to detect a user's presence. We also offer pressure-sensitive mats and wireless door sensors that detect when a user leaves the room.

TF2000 - Ultrasonic Presence Sensor

TF2000 - Ultrasonic Presence Sensor

The ComputerProx TF2000 automates the locking of the PC when you step away. The TF2000 uses ultrasound to detect your presence. When you leave the proximity of the PC, the TF2000 automatically locks the system without requiring any effort on your part!

No need for awkward timeout settings that mistakenly lock the PC when you are present. The TF2000 can detect your presence and will not lock the system inadvertently.

ProxMat - Pressure Sensitive USB connected Mat

ProxMat - Pressure Sensitive USB connected Mat

The ProxMat pressure sensitive floor mat eliminates unattended and authorized workstations by automatically locking the PC when the user walks away. Position the ProxMat in front of the workstation or kiosk where the user normally stands or sits. The pressure sensitive ProxMat detects the user, when they step off the ProxMat the workstation is secured without the need of any user involvement.

DocLok™ - Wireless Door Sensor

DocLok - Wireless Door Sensor

The DocLok™ was designed with the busy physician in mind. The DocLok will automatically lock the examination room workstation as soon the doctor opens the door to leave, making it virtually impossible to leave an authenticated workstation unattended. Physicians have enough to think about without concentrating on security policies, the DocLok makes it easy by doing it for them.

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  • Protect your network from unauthorized access
  • Prevent session and password sharing
  • Add security to your single sign-on process
  • Comply with HIPAA requirements
TF2000 - Ultrasonic Presence Sensor
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ProxMat - Pressure Sensitive USB connected Mat
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DocLok - Wireless Door Sensor from ComputerProx
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