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Each of the companies below is an authorized reseller of the ComputerProx™ TF2000.

RF IDeas Inc.


RF IDeas provides employee identification and LAN access solutions using your existing building access cards. Their desktop proximity readers and software bundles are capable of reading nearly any existing proximity ID badge/token used in facility access control. TF2000 is branded as pcProx Sonar

eSecurity Products LLC

eSecurity Products

eSecurity Products. LLC is the single source for all your security needs. Here you will find the latest and most unique solutions as well as everyday essentials.



CDW is a leading provider of technology products and services for business, government and education.

Biometrics Direct

Biometrics Direct

As a leading biometric technology solutions provider, Biometrics Direct incorporates the TF2000 with biometric software and fingerprint or iris recognition devices into a cohesive network authentication solution to meet our clients most rigorous requirements. Biometrics Direct features solutions for HIPAA compliance, home, small business, facility access, personal biometric safes, corporate data and network security.



Transparent Screen Lock PRO delivers system security measures that are essential in today's open-concept corporate offices with free movement of employees and visitors; labs and production floors; as well as in high security environments such as financial institutions and banks, hospitals and pharmaceutical research facilities, government offices and military installations.



HealthCast products securely manage and control access to health care applications and the information contained within them. They are designed to meet health care's critical needs for user convenience, data privacy and security, streamlined workflow, and remote access without changing the systems and applications already in place.

New! Watch Healthcast Video Showing the TF2000 in Action!

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  • Comply with HIPAA requirements
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